Size matters: what size fits your needs and how size impacts zoning regulations

In spite of the growing enthusiasm behind the tiny house movement zoning laws and building codes still only address the square footage for newly constructed homes and do not necessarily address tiny houses. The zoning codes and regulations can be quite confusing. Differences in towns across America have started to accommodate tiny houses though when grassroots organizations have pushed for change.

Types of tiny houses

There are two specific types of tiny houses. The first is one which is on wheels, legally considered a recreational vehicle. The second is one on a physical foundation legally considered an accessory dwelling unit. Should you choose to construct a tiny house on wheels it will have to be registered as an RV inside your state. In many states across the US a self-built RV has to be inspected before you were given a license plate. For accessory dwelling units things do get a bit more complicated.

So where can you actually live?

If you registered the home as an RV and you want to travel with it then you don’t need to worry about building codes or zoning laws. You simply need to find a place to park it. You could stay in your friend’s driveway with their permission, pay to park it at an RV site, or parking on your own property. Many states prohibit RVs as a full-time home anywhere other than an RV parkand tiny homes for sale. And obviously the length of time you can stay in your tiny home if you are at a camping site or an RV site is contingent upon the rules for that particular location. In any case the rule about living in an RV full-time is really only enforced if the unit is complain about were reported by someone else.

If you build your tiny home foundation things get a bit trickier. Many zoning and building regulations prohibit you from purchasing land and the building your own tiny house on it. Instead you have to build it as an accessory dwelling unit which means that it is a secondary unit located on a single-family lot. So you can build it on a piece of property that already has a primary home.

Building codes and zoning laws

Construction codes tell you how you can construct the home but the zoning codes tell you where you can construct the home. In many places around the country the building codes are taken from the international residential code which contains very specific size specifications for rooms as well as ceiling height requirements. Zoning regulations on the other hand are contingent upon local factors and will typically determine the size requirements for your home based on where you want it to be parked. You will have to check with your local planning department or zoning department to figure out this information. Most places have a minimum size requirement of 100 ft.².

The best states

There are many states which have more flexible regulations. California happens to be the absolute best state at this time for anyone interested in a tiny house. More specifically, Fresno is the best city within California as it has approved tiny houses on wheels without you having to be a caregiver. In some other cities like Napa or Alameda you can only have this unit on wheels if you are a caregiver. A few towns in Colorado have changed their amendments to accommodate tiny houses. Walsenburg was the first town in the state of Colorado to change their zoning regulations were tiny houses and now the city of Durango also has a special ordinance.

5 Tips On How To Sleep Better

Quality sleep is an important ingredient for your overall health and well-being. Therefore, the lack of it can directly affect our mental and physical health.

That is not all; the lack of good sleep can affect your daytime energy in many ways. It is unfortunate that you are one of those individuals who regularly toss and turn at night struggling to get proper sleep.

Luckily there is a solution to this, there are simple daytime and bedtime routine that can change the way you sleep and help you wake up full of energy all day along.

This article provides answers to the following question:

How can I sleep better at night?

Many people think that getting a restful night sleep is an impossible goal.  But I will tell you being able to sleep better is one of the few things you have complete control over it. The cure to your sleep difficulties is in your daily routine.

If you choose unhealthy daytime habits and lifestyles, you are most likely to be tossing and turning at night and this affects the quality of sleep you get.

However, if you experiment the following tips you will find that works for you so that you start sleeping better once again.

Observe your body’s natural sleep-wake cycle

The sleep-wake cycle has been recommended as the most important strategy towards better sleep. You need to start going to bed and getting up at the same time every day.

This helps your body to set its internal clock this, in turn, optimizes the sleep quality. Notably, you should choose a bedtime when you normally feel tired to avoid tossing and turning. Try best air mattress to see if it helps you sleep better.

Also, be smart about napping. Sleeping on weekends and taking a nap may sound a good way to make up for lost sleep. But get this from me, irregular naps can make you stay awake at night and have trouble trying to fall asleep.

Limit your exposure to light before bedtime

The level of exposure to light stimulates the production of Melatonin hormone. This hormone plays a significant role in regulating your sleep-wake cycle. When it is dark, the brain is stimulated to secrete more melatonin making you feel sleepy.

When you’re exposed to light, the production of melatonin hormone declines to keep you more alert. Sleep and technology do not mix so try to avoid bright lights 1-2 hours before bedtime.

Therefore, you can say no to late night television and movies, backlit devices, and switch off lights during the night.

However, in the morning you can expose yourself to direct sunlight to in the morning to help you wake up.

Exercise during the day

Regular exercises promote better sleep at night by reducing symptoms of insomnia, apnea and increase the time for deep and restorative sleep. The more you excise the higher the benefits however you must time your excises well because poor timing can interfere with your sleep. The right time for exercise is at least 3 hours to bedtime.

Mind what you eat and drink

Our eating habits, especially before bedtime, play a role in how well we sleep at night. You need to limit intake of drinks rich in caffeine and nicotine too close to bedtime. Caffeine and nicotine are stimulants that will keep you alert.

Also, avoid taking big meals at night to avoid stomach upset and indigestion problems. Before I forget, avoid taking alcohol before bedtime because alcohol interferes with your sleep cycle by keeping you alert and increasing bathroom trips throughout the night.

Improve your sleep environment

Soothing environments is essential for quality night sleep. When the sleep environment is ideal, it sends a powerful signal to the brain notifying it is time to wind down and calm down the day’s stresses. Keep the bedroom noise free, cool, dark and comfortable to make it easier to sleep.

Bottom line

The button for controlling how well you will sleep is in your hands. It is up to you to decide whether to sleep better or ruin your night sleep. However, by implementing these tips, there is no doubt you will sleep better than ever.

3 Guaranteed Benefits That You Could Get In Using the Memory – Foam Mattress

Do you plan to buy a new mattress for your bed? But, you do not know which of the available kinds of mattresses, is the best one that you must choose to buy? Then, you should know that one great choice that you can do is to go for the memory – foam mattress which is a very popular type. It is because this kind of mattress can provide you numerous benefits once that you buy and use it. And if you want to know what these guaranteed benefits are, you can read the list below so that you will be convinced more.

Here is the list of the guaranteed benefits that you can get when you use the memory – foam mattress.

  1. It Support and Align the Spine

One great benefit that you can get in using the memory – foam mattress in your bed is that it can support your back thus, resulting to the proper alignment of your spine while sleeping. The reason behind that is because this mattress is equally dispersing your body’s weight throughout the whole surface of the bed so that the mattress can form to your body’ shape. And because of this, the areas of your body such as neck and shoulders would not feel tense and stiff which gives you the pain as you wake up in the morning.

  1. It Can Accommodate Any Sleeping Positions You Would Want

If you are the type of person who always do varied positions when sleeping, then the memory – foam mattress would work well for you in this kind of situations. It is because this mattress is specially designed to comply to the shape of the body, thus it can meet to any of the sleeping positions you would like to do when you sleep. With this, you can be assured that you can have a very comfortable sleeping experience when you use this kind of mattress.

  1. Its Durability Stands Out From the Rest

You should also know that another best quality of the memory – foam mattress is that it has a durability that stands out from the other kinds of available mattress that you can use. By knowing this, you can also expect that it would be a good investment in best mattress uk for you since that it can be used for a much longer period of time which can take about up to seven years or more.  You should also know that this is also the main reason why many people tend to choose this mattress over the other kinds of mattresses that they can buy. And as for you, it only goes to show that you can benefit from it for a longer time as compared to the other mattresses in the market.

As what stated above, you now have the idea on what are the guaranteed benefits that you can get when you use the memory – foam mattress. With this, you now also know how great and worth this mattress for you to consider buying. So, if you want to know more about this, you can ask a reputable supplier and manufacturer of this kind of mattress to help you.

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