What Is The Most Power Saving Led Grow Lights?

As a cannabis grower, you’ve probably done your best searching for some of the best LED Grow lights to grow your plants. LED lights are better than most lights in the market today, and it’s no surprise there; however, some LEDs consume lesser power than the others and those are the ones you should be looking for.

Manufacturers usually give their models a number that specifies the wattage. Unfortunately, most lights don’t have accurate numbers because it refers to the maximum output produced by the LEDs. Therefore, you should take a look at the actual wattage. When purchasing LEDs you should also be aware that the more the power it consumes the more heat it produces.

A lot of heat can make matters worse in the grow room, so you should only look for LEDs that come with heat sinks and fans to reduce the temperature. Read on to find that perfect LED with very less power consumption to grow your babies.

  • Viparspectra LED Grow Lights

Viparspectra offers an unbelievable value for your money. They have both the Reflector and the PAR series in their collection and all the lights offered consume very less power. For instance, the Viparspectra PAR 600 that costs $224 consumes only 285 watts. In other words, it costs only $0.78/watt, and this fact puts it way ahead of the competition.

  • Advanced Platinum LED Lights

Advanced Platinum LEDs are one of the most popular grow lights in the industry today, maybe even the best led grow lights. With LEDs made in the USA, they are superior in quality and last for at least 100,000 hours. What makes these lights special is that they deliver the highest PAR output compared to other lights and also come with a 12-band spectrum that includes UV and IR lights.

Advanced Platinum LEDs are a tad expensive than other lights, but if you’re a serious grower with long-term plans, then your investment will be covered in just a few months because this light is extremely powerful. Although the light is intense and bright, it consumes very little power. For example, a P300 Advanced LED takes up only 180w of actual power while replacing a 400w HPS light comfortably.

  • Mars Hydro

Mars Hydro has grown leaps and bounds and many customers can’t stop raving about their customer service. Not only are their lights affordable but they also offer every feature necessary for a grower to cultivate some amazing cannabis. Mars Hydro has gained a lot of reputation every since they started manufacturing lights seven years ago.

What’s most impressive about Mars Hydro lights is that they consume very little power that gives a grower a huge advantage, especially if he is relying on it for his medicines. There are many lights out there, but Mars Hydro is known to be one of the best LED Grow lights because of its performance. A 600w Mars Hydro draws only 298w of actual power and can replace a 350w HPS light pretty easily.

  • King Plus LED Grow Lights

King LEDs are incredibly powerful due to the “double chip” technology applied to the lights. Instead of using the standard 3w LEDs, King LEDs contain 10w chips that balance the PAR/Lumen output. Most powerful lights emit too much heat, but King LEDs have fans and heat sinks that prevent the heat from accumulating in one spot.

The best part of using these lights apart from power consumption is that they are super cheap. A 1000w King Plus Double Chips light costs only $109 and consumes only 185w of power, which makes it one of the few LEDs that draw almost next to nothing! Last but not the least, the lights are available with a full spectrum that contains all the colors necessary for the plant’s healthy growth.

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